Boffi|DePadova | Inspiration | Le Petite Afrique / Montecarlo
  • City
  • Montecarlo
  • Country
  • Monaco
  • Credits
  • Architecture | Isay Weinfeld
Set in the heart of the seaside principality next to the prestigious gardens of Le Grand Casino, the 11-storey tower by São Paulo based architect Isay Weinfeld has balconies in sand-coloured limestone with gardens that wrap around the facade. The tower is home to eight spacious apartments, each with its own unique floor plan to allow owners the freedom to express their personality. Residences are furnished with custom Boffi kitchen, wardrobe and bathroom systems.

“I am in favour of a coherent urban planning. Verticalisation itself - oriented towards society or not - it has his pros and cons, although including it in a city’s urban plan definitely helps reduce the negative aspects.” - Isay Weinfeld